Are you 5 years or less away from retiring?  Do you know someone who has retired unsuccessfully? They’re either miserable or struggling with a very tight budget.  

I work with my clients to build a foundation for a successful retirement.  We talk about values and what’s important to them.    

Of course, the earlier you can start building towards retirement the better, but for all of us late bloomers, it’s never too late to start building. Reach out to me today to get my 3 Pillars for Investing and, if you have less than 5 years until retirement, here are 5 things to do now:

  1. Get Organized- you may have assets and accounts spread out with multiple 401K’s at different companies that you left.  Get all your things in one place.  This doesn’t mean putting all your eggs in one basket.  We’ll talk about diversifying your assets another time.  What I mean is having everything where you can see it.  An aggregator of sorts. 
  2. Shift money to tax advantage accounts.  Kids are out of the house and you may find you have extra money to put away.  Are you maxing out your 401K?  Reach out to me if you would like to know more about tax advantage accounts.  
  3. Know your healthcare options.  This has a big price tag.  What does your employer offer compared to your spouses?  What does medicare look like for you?  Medicare has a lot of options to look at.  Let me know if you are ready to take on the medicare system and we can see what plans best fit your situation.
  4.  Income Allocation – where are the gaps in your retirement plan?  When are you taking social security?  We have calculators that can help determine what this looks like for you especially if you work with getting social security.   You want to be away of the tax traps.
  5. Start living on a reduced amount to “practice” retirement.   Not only will this help you save to build up, it will also help you see if you might want to get a part-time job or do what we call semi retire. 

No matter where you are in your retirement journey we have tools that can help guide you through the road blocks.

Call or email us today to schedule a complimentary review or just to get more information.  We also provide educational workshops and would love to invite you to an upcoming event. Our number is 972-546-0620. Email to: [email protected]

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